Other operating systems: mac, windows xp, windows vista, linux, iphone

  • Automatic

    Few clicks install and you don't have to remember to back up your computer anymore

  • More friends = More space

    Get more free space when you invite your friends!

  • Send Files Larger than 1 GB

    Share with co-workers and friends files that you can't send though email

  • Secure

    Data transfer using 128 bit encryption

  • All computers

    Protect all your computers with the same license

  • Access Anywhere

    With your password you have access from any internet location

Memopal is online backup and online storage software that archives your files in real-time to a remote server. It doesn't matter how many times you change computers: You will always know where your data is. You can browse all your files from any internet location or internet-ready cell phone. You can share with friends and co-workers files that are too big to send through email.

Online Backup and Storage 
access from Internet and Smartphone

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