Fast, Smart, Reliable

Memopal is software that archives User files to remote servers via Internet connection.

The main features of the service are:

Automatic Backup

Once you have chosen what you want to save, Memopal starts with your computer and does not require your intervention. You can always decide to archive new files, up to the amount of available space.

Continuous Backup - Real Time

Every file modification will be saved and will immediately be available online.

200 Gigabytes

This is the amount of space that Memopal provides with the standard plan. Don't worry if you need more space. You can easily increase it.

Access from Anywhere

You can access your files from any computer connected to the internet by entering your access information.


Memopal does not slow down your computer. The software monitors how much system resources are used and adjusts to your needs. In this way your computer's performance remains constant.

Delete it from Your Computer, it Remains on Memopal

We also protect your data from potential human errors. If you have deleted a file by accident, but have archived it with Memopal, you can easily recover it.

Store What You Want

You decide what to store: Documents, specific folders, or the entire system. Memopal saves any type of file of any size.

E-mail Backup

Memopal performs a backup of all your email from whichever email client you are using. Tested with Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird.


Memopal first and most frequently saves the files that you are working with. After a few minutes the most important data is protected.

Send Files Larger than 1 Gigabyte

Too big for an e-mail? With Memopal you can share and send files of enormous size, even over 1 Gigabyte.


Memopal keeps track of the changes made to any files that you have chosen to archive. If you have made a mistake, or want to restore an old document that you have overwritten, you can always go back and access all previous versions of your files.


Memopal encrypts your files during transfer and then in the archives with the highest SSL standards.


One license, one user. Your data is encrypted. Only you can access and modify it.

Less Powerful Computers

Do you have a problem with space? Delete the files that weigh down your computer and store them with Memopal. You can always retrieve them easily at any time.

RAID 5 Technology

Triple-copy on remote servers with geographic RAID 5 technology.

One License, All of Your Computers

You can install Memopal on all of your computers and manage all data with a single account.


Memopal allows developers to collaboratively manage their own files on remote servers through the WebDAV protocol.

Software as a Service

Memopal is "Software-as-a-Service": Deployment and testing of new functionality is continuous and does not require any input on the part of the User.