All your files are safe in one place

With the sync of
  • Perfect for your latest files
  • You must move the file to another folder
  • If you delete a file, you risk losing it forever
  • Files are downloaded to each device
  • It is 3 times the cost
With the backup of
  • Ideal for storing a large number of files
  • No need to rearrange folders
  • Your files are never deleted
  • The files are in the cloud, you can delete them from your computer
  • It is more cost-effective

How it works

Choose what you want to save once, and let Memopal do the rest

1. Download the software

Our software is lightweight, fast and available for all major desktop and mobile operating systems

2. Choose folders

Decide what you need to store: documents, individual folders, or the entire system. Memopal can backup any file type

3. Done

Memopal launches along with your computer and runs in the background without slowing down your device


Comparison chart

DropboxiCloudGoogle DriveSugarSyncOneDrive
Remove files from your computer, free up disk space and make files available on-lineBusiness only
Unlimited version history - foreverLast 30 daysLast 5 versions
Back up your entire hard disk or individual folders
Backup + Sync
Price for 1 year€ 79 for 500 GB€ 99 for 1 TB€ 120 for 1 TB€ 96 for 500 GB€ 320 for 500 GB€ 84 for 1 TB

Start using Memopal and receive 3 GB for free