Yahoo: Memopal Online Backup Can Now Integrate with Third Party Software and Services


Memopal’s Cloud Storage platform ( is officially accessible to all companies wishing to include protection and online storage services in their business and consumer solutions. “We have already signed contracts with hardware manufacturers, leading operators in the telephone sector and ISPs”, declared Memopal’s CEO, Marco Trombetti, adding “We expect to reach over 10 million users through this channel by the end of 2010”.

Thanks to our Software Development Kit (SDK), Memopal’s partners will be able to customise and integrate online backup directly into their software, services or hardware devices, or use the White Label solution to offer online storage and backup services under their own brand name. The development kit is already compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and is available in 11 languages.

“We have designed the SDK in order to keep the development man days necessary for technical integration to a minimum. We have created the ready to use white label solution for partners who do not wish to manage billing and support channels” affirmed Memopal’s Chief Technology Officer, Gianluca Granero. “SDK is currently designed for medium to large businesses, but we are working towards releasing an SDK that is suitable for all developers. Memopal differs from services such as Amazon S3 in that it offers lower costs and the ability to handle own data browsing and search applications.”

Memopal services are available in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, or for installation directly in the partner’s server farm. The platform is provided free of charge with a business model based on revenue-sharing.

Memopal is convinced that, within ten years, most people will be using fast local devices to create and edit their files, while storing their data on the Internet. This will make it possible to interchange laptops and desktops more easily and frequently, so the user’s “digital life” is no longer dependent on the computer in use.

Memopal has identified file protection and organisation as the “Next Big Thing” and the market where it aims to be present, together with its partners.

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