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wwwhat’s new: Memopal un software de backup online

Disponible en varios idiomas, archiva nuestros ficheros en tiempo real en un servidor remoto, permitiendo guardarlos y compartirlos fácilmente


Best-of-Breed Online Backup Memopal Gives You More For Your Money (Or No Money)

If you love the free 2GB online storage plans offered by Mozy, Fabrik, and others, you’ll wax ecstatic over Memopal’s free 3GB plan


CMS Wire: Memopal Offers Discount to Switch To Its Online Backup Service

Get your 3GB of free cloud-storage from Memopal (news, site) to store your files and test out the service to see if their larger offerings will tempt you to upgrade


Memopal review

Add Memopal to your system: perfect online backup in minutes.


Yahoo: Memopal Online Backup Can Now Integrate with Third Party Software and Services

The Online Backup and Storage platform is available to mobile operators, internet service providers and hardware manufacturers


Memopal online storage adds online file search

It seems like online file storage/backup options are a dime a dozen and Memopal is one we haven’t covered much

Comincia a usare Memopal, subito per te 3 GB gratis