Security and speed are our priorities

Digital certificate

Your data is encrypted and shielded: all connections between client and server are encrypted with an SSL certificate on the server side. Any connection to a server with an untrusted certificate is rejected by the client to avoid MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks.
Authentication only begins after a valid SSL connection has been established. Thus, if a false certificate is proposed to the client, no user name or password is sent by the client to the server.


A user account with the necessary privileges is required in order to install Memopal on any computer. This means that Memopal cannot be installed on a PC to gain access to other people’s data.


Your privacy is important to Memopal.

The data transferred from the client to the server are encrypted and stored in an encrypted file system, which is also distributed in chunks with a RAID-5 policy.

Even by watching inside the MGFS (Memopal Global File System), it is impossible to determine who owns the backup file and the original filename. If a storage unit were to be removed from the  Memopal’s infrastructure, it would still be impossible to access and make sense of the saved information.

The data structure containing links between files and owners is also encrypted. These data cannot be accessed by service staff, not even during maintenance operations.

Information on the processing of personal data pursuant to Art. 13 of the RGPD 679/2016

Memopal and firewalls

Memopal works well with firewalls because it uses the same protocol as the user to view websites (HTTP and HTTPS protocol) and, therefore, is compatible with firewalls and proxies.

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