Reuters: Memopal and Hitachi Team up to Protect Even More Hard Disks in the Cloud


Memopal, a European start-up offering online backup services, has teamed up with Hitachi GST to power integrated online backup for the new LifeStudio family of external hard drives, which revolutionize the way images, video, music and documents are protected, organized and shared.

Hitachi GST LifeStudio drives take data protection to the next level, offering both local and online cloud backup in one integrated solution and within a single interface – no more downloading and installing two separate programs. Thanks to Memopal, all online content is stored in its natural format, so files are available from any Internet browser worldwide, and even from iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry and Android.

All LifeStudio customers receive 3GB of free online space, which can be expanded to 250GB for Euro 49/year for multiple computer protection. Backing up files can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, thanks to Memopal and Hitachi GST LifeStudio drives, backups are now simple and automatic.

The LifeStudio external drive family is currently available worldwide, please visit

What is Memopal?
Memopal is a European-based provider of cloud storage. Our mission is to protect and organise user files. Multiplatform, multilingual, and above all for its simplicity, Memopal is truly unique. To activate 3GB of free space, or to purchase up to 200GB from only €49, visit

About Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) develops advanced hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives, innovative external storage solutions and services used to store, preserve and manage the world’s most valued data. Founded by the pioneers of hard drives, Hitachi GST provides high-value storage for a broad range of market segments, including Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile Computing, Consumer Electronics and Personal Storage. Hitachi GST was established in 2003 and maintains its U.S. headquarters in San Jose, California.

One GB is equal to one billion bytes, and one TB equals 1,000 GB (one trillion bytes). Actual capacity will vary depending on operating environment and formatting.

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