What is online backup

What is online backup? Its your salvation 🙂 If your files are in the online backup set, you are safe and you can feel comfortable. You can access your files at any time by phone and from any computer connected to the Internet with your credentials. Online backup is a procedure that allows you to create […]

How does Memopal work

Here’s an example of how Memopal works. You are at your best friend’s house and you want to show him the latest pictures of your trip to Paris. You took them with your new camera and you do not have it with you now. But everything is on Memopal . Grab your smartphone, go to […]

Memopal for your company

Are you wondering whether your company needs Memopal? Surely your company needs a backup system, see how Memopal works to see if it meets your needs. Data is the heart of a company, Memopal protects your business files automatically and securely. Plus it lets you share files with your employees thanks to synchronized folders. Files […]

Memopal and security

It would take over 100 years of continuous attempts to translate a single file intercepted during the transfer. For this reason, we can confidently claim that users’ data are safe. Our data protection systems do not reside in the software but on servers.  No single server contains complete information on files or owners. For more information, […]

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