Memopal Sync

How does Memopal Sync work?

In this post we try to explain how Memopal Sync works. You have two computers, one stationary and one portable, and you want access the same files from both without duplicating them. With Memopal Sync you can! Download Memopal on both computers. You will find the Memopal Sync folder on your desktop. Drag the files […]

Getting Started with Memopal Sync

Did you install Memopal? Good, you’re about to take your first steps with Memopal Sync. To sync the same folders on multiple computers, manually drag them to the Memopal Sync folder on your desktop. When you install Memopal on another computer, which we’ll call computer two for convenience, this lets you find the folders from […]

Share synchronized folders

Sharing folders is very useful to invite colleagues and friends to cooperate. This lets everyone access the files in the folder, add files, edit them, and ensure that all changes are immediately shared with all participants. Share synchronized folders on the web To invite colleagues and friends to cooperate in a synchronized folder, connected to […]

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