Recover Files

Restore files and folders by choosing the version you want according to date and time

All the files on your Memopal space are available to be recovered from the cloud onto your computer at any time thanks to the new “Restore” function. This function is very useful when deleting files from the computer, for example, or if we overwrite a file by mistake. Now the function for restoring files and […]

Recover a deleted or modified file

With Memopal you can recover a file that you have deleted on your computer or a previous version of the one you’re working on. To ensure that this happens, protect as many files as possible with Memopal and think hard before setting your backup set. The more files you protect, the surer you are you […]

How to recover files in case of computer failure

Data recovery is simple for Memopal users. Access your files from our website, look for the ones you need and download them. You can recover your files at any time through a very straightforward procedure. You can do restore folders protected with Memopal on your computer using the software by clicking on “Restore”. If you […]

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