Purchase and renewal

Renew your Memopal subscription

You should receive an e-mail from Memopal with appropriate renewal instructions before your account expires. Check the spam folder. If you have not received the e-mail, please follow these steps: From www.memopal.com click “Login“ Enter your e-mail and password and click on the arrow next to your user name at the top right Click “Renew“ […]

Buy more space and add users

You can add other users or purchase additional backup space at any time. See Prices to change your Memopal plan. If you need additional information talk to us.

What happens if you do not renew your account

You will be contacted by Memopal before you account expires by e-mail at the address you provided at registration. Failure to renew you subscription immediately blocks your account. If you do not renew your Memopal account within 45 days, we shall delete your files. Read also How to renew Memopal?

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