Recover a deleted or modified file

With Memopal you can recover a file that you have deleted on your computer or a previous version of the one you’re working on. To ensure that this happens, protect as many files as possible with Memopal and think hard before setting your backup set. The more files you protect, the surer you are you can retrieve them when you need them. Therefore we recommend that you set the My Documents folder on your computer as the backup set.

To retrieve a modified or deleted file access your files and run an instant check if the file is among recent ones, the ones you recently edited. If the file is not among recent ones, use the “Search” function. You can search by file name, by extension by entering .doc or .jpg, if you remember the name of the directory, you can enter it as a search option.

You’ll be shown the file and all previous edited versions among the results displayed by Memopal. To find versions, move the point over the file, a clock icon will appear on the right. Click on the clock and you will see a list of the available versions for that file, so you can choose the one that is most useful.

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