Memopal for Linux

Getting started

Memopal for Linux is available through a Web-UI (Web User Interface). Here you can view the Memopal status and change some settings in runtime. First Download Memopal for Linux You have to register an account before logging in and access Memopal client, you can sign up here and get 3 GB for free.  

Disable Memopal Sync on Linux

Here’s how to disable Memopal Sync on Linux. Make sure you have superuser privileges to run the procedure. Stop service /etc/init.d/memopal stop Edit the file /etc/memopal.conf adding a row with the option “disableSync” Restart the service /etc/init.d/memopal start this disables the Memopal sync function. If you already created a Memopal Sync folder you will need to […]

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