What to do after installing Memopal

Congrats, you have installed Memopal! And now?

In addition to backing up your files, you can take advantage of the many other features that Memopal offers.

After installing Mempoal, a square blue, yellow and green icon appears in the task bar.

Click on the Memopal cube to open the Control Panel.

Now you can:

Check backup status

Here you can see the backup progress bar with the overall percentage of loaded data and the detail below. On the right you can find the pie chart that shows how much space you used in your Memopal account and how much you have available. To the right of the “pie” is a key you can use to update status in real time.

Share your files

The “Share” space lets you drag a file or folder and share it with whoever you want. Memopal generates a link that you can send to your friends and colleagues.

Buy more Memopal space

You can switch from a free account to a Pro account. A page opens that lets you purchase an account upgrade.

Login to your Memopal account through the Web App

The key takes you to the Web App where you can find all the files you have uploaded to Memopal.

Invite a friend to Memopal for up to 10GB more free space

Click on “Invite” if you want to tell your friends about Memopal and get up to 10GB extra space for free. You can also invite your friends from Facebook and Twitter.

Restore files uploaded to your device

You can use “Restore” to recover files or folders that you saved with Memopal and download them to your computer. This feature is very useful if you’ve changed your computer and you need files that were on the previous one.

Start using Memopal and receive 3 GB for free