Memopal for your company

Are you wondering whether your company needs Memopal? Surely your company needs a backup system, see how Memopal works to see if it meets your needs.

Data is the heart of a company, Memopal protects your business files automatically and securely. Plus it lets you share files with your employees thanks to synchronized folders. Files protected with Memopal can be accessed from any internet-connected device. Even when you’re away from your office you can have all the files you need with you.

We’ll want to equip your employees’ computers with an automatic backup software: once you set the backup set, they do not have to worry about anything and you can feel comfortable. The files are transferred continuously and automatically to remote servers, all changes made to a file are saved online and all the files are always accessible from the web app.

Here are some more suggestions on how to protect your business data:

  • Update your employees on data protection
  • Make sure your IT infrastructure is always efficient
  • Make sure files are periodically backed up
  • Make sure you can quickly access saved data

You’re almost there, now try the free Memopal version by creating an account so you’re sure your company needs a backup system and that Memopal is the right one.

Start using Memopal and receive 3 GB for free