Memopal Web App

Browse through your files from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet as if you were on your computer with Memopal Web App. To access the web app go to login page. If you do not remember where you saved a file, the web app you can search for files in your account with the search engine. In the left menu you can find shortcuts to quickly access files and folders.

The files you’ve deleted on your computer are hidden in the web app by default but are still part of your backup! To view the web app, click on the open trash bin icon that you’ll find at the top right.

We will briefly illustrate what you’ll find in the Memopal web app:

Click “Backup” to display all devices and their files protected with Memopal. The first page lists the local devices protected with Memopal, their size and the date the last file was added. Select a device to access the files it contains. Select a file to download it, see any previous versions, share it with whoever you want, delete it from your Memopal account and, lastly, preview it. You cannot move folders or files in Backup. If you create a folder will not be displayed on your computer, but only in the web app. You can download, share and preview files.
View the files you’ve copied to Memopal Sync on your computer in Sync. You can create new folders to be synchronized on all your devices and invite friends or colleagues to collaborate. Thanks to drag and drop, you can drag and drop files from your computer to the synchronized folder and have them immediately on all your devices.
The “Photo” function provides you with an album with all your images uploaded to Memopal. They are arranged in chronological order and grouped by year and month.
The “Recent” section opens when you open the web app. Here we show you the latest files protected with Memopal in chronological order and also the latest added files in the Memopal Sync folder.
The star-shaped icon lets you add some files or folders to the “Favorites” category. Click on the “Favorites” in the left column to see all the files you have added to this category. These files are listed in chronological order.
Here are all the files and folders that you shared with your friends. You can see the path to your Memopal account and the date of the share. Finally you can delete the share by clicking on the icon on the left.

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